Tesla Car Key

The Tesla Model S currently features a beautiful key the shape of the car, but this proposed design would extend the vehicle's seamless ignition process by allowing drivers to stick this Tesla ID card in their wallets and never worry about finding their keys again. 

After realizing the space that Tesla's original elegant key occupies in the driver's pocket I decided to give the key more usability and charm, by possibly removing the "coolness" of a miniature toy-car as a key. 

I've also altered the Tesla logo so that the card looks and feels like an obvious key. The app adds to the key's original function of locating your car through alerting a sound--you can also disable your key in the case of lose(so that no one drives away with your car), find your car and even your key on a map and easily report your already registered car as stolen.

This is a personal design concept.

Tesla's original keyfob