Google Do

Google Keep, Google Maps, and Gmail give users the space to make plans and move forward, but these apps should be integrated together for seamless task accomplishment.

Google Do provides information where you need it. Just follow your Google Maps directions, and if you’re near a location that can serve a Google Keep task or Gmail appointment, Google Do will suggest the potential detour.

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This is a personal design concept.

Design Research

The problem: People have location based tasks they want to get done but forget to when they are actually near that location, such as buying eggs at the groceries on the way home, or grabbing medicine and toothpaste at the pharmacy on the way to the office.

Most people use a calendar to organize actions that are tied to a specific date. Productivity author and speaker David Allen promotes the similar categorization of tasks based on their location.

Google Maps is the perfect platform to adopt this strategy because it is such a pivotal part in many people’s movements and therefore an ideal location to place personal errands lists.

Below are some alternative iconography options.

These disregard the Google Do logo all together, which might be a better solution. Since Google Do is simply the integration of existing Google apps, It doesn't need a distinction or additional separation.

The Google Keep and Gmail icons also create a clear separation from the other usual Maps suggestions.